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Struggling financially to cover essential needs?

How is Covid 19 affecting you?


The Chalfont St Giles Community Network is here to help with shopping and pharmacy pick ups if you can’t get out or you’re a key worker. We can also make phone calls to those who are housebound or anyone who just needs to hear a friendly voice.


The Covid 19 crisis is inevitably affecting many of our residents financially and The All Together Community group has funding to help if you live in Chalfont St Giles/Jordans/Seer Green and you are:


·       Not receiving Government help or it is insufficient to provide for your/your family’s essential needs.

·       Waiting for a Government payout and need some help in the interim.

·       Not able to work because of the Covid 19 restrictions and need extra support. 

·       Elderly and self-isolating.

·       A key worker finding it difficult to shop for food and essentials.


If any of the above applies to you, we can help you so PLEASE ASK


The All Together Community group has funding to buy food and other essentials for you and your dependants. You can get in touch by filling in the Contact Form or telephoning Louise Chamberlain on 07956 190291 or emailing info@alltogethercic.co.uk

All enquiries will be treated confidentially.

Dental Treatment

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, as at 25 March, all dental practices have been instructed by NHS England to stop seeing patients for either routine or emergency dental care.  Contact your dental practice for urgent matters.  If they are unable to help you over the telephone, they will refer you to the Local Urgent Dental Care Team.

Eye Related Emergency Contacts

If you have an eye-related emergency during this period please contact your GP or NHS 111 for advice.
The Buckinghamshire Local Optical Committee is maintaining a list of Optical Practices offering emergency appointments during the shut-down, see their website: https://www.loc-net.org.uk/buckinghamshire/patient-info/
Also there may be eye casualties open at the following hospitals: Western Eye Hospital, Marylebone; Stoke Mandeville Hospital Eye Department, Aylesbury; John Radcliffe Eye Hospital, Oxford or Prince Charles Eye Unit, Windsor.   Please telephone them first for advice.

Buckinghamshire County Council Get Help

Buckinghamshire Council’s Get help if you’re staying at home because of coronavirus 

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council Website

Visit our local Parish Council website for local council information:   http://www.chalfontstgiles-pc.gov.uk/

Local Newsletter Website

Visit our Local News Website for Chalfont St Giles:   http://www.localnewsbyemail.info/CSG.html

Other Village Local Community Support Contacts

Seer Green (Janna – 07764 490960)

Jordans (Faith Kay – 01494 870039)

Chalfont St Peter (Ryan Toms – 07919 992921)

Little Chalfont (https://itmadeeasy1.wixsite.com/lchelpme)